Our Story

Founded in 2007 Farage Holding has played an instrumental role across multiple industries. Collectively, our companies represent our involvement across 5 countries in 12 industries, continually driving support and growth of a sustainable, innovation-led economy.

Farage holding is a global group of companies which aims to develop its investments in wide variety of business sectors including; health care, commercial enterprises, agriculture, land development & construction, graphic industry, real estate, Printing, publishing and distribution, hospitality & retail with a focus on maximizing shareholder value through strategic investments, effective operations and responsible corporate governance.

Our continuous drive to explore and invest in a wide of industries has led Farage holding in becoming a well diverse entity.

Lead by talented industry professionals each of our divisions are managed & operated by a firm mission by which our clients can expect uncompromised service level. Our strive and determination in exceeding expectation is our core vision.

As our strategy for continuous & sustainable corporate growth we will continue our commitment to protecting the environment and promote sustainable practices and invest in technology and innovations that reduces carbon foot print

Our Philosophy

Farage Holding corporation is continuously focusing on its driving mission to manage a competitive strategic business portfolio while promoting sustainable growth. We aim to provide a great work environment in which everyone treats each other with respect and dignity, as well as contributing positively to our community and to the environment. We strive to provide exceptional standards and high-quality services in every business segment.

Our Mission

To exceed in our core business segments, bring value added solutions to our clients by honesty, transparency and integrity. We will continuously innovate, improve and strive to exceed expectations with passion and commitment to delivering excellence.

Our Vision

To strive in being an entity that values and empowers people, committed to reducing carbon foot print through sustainability & be socially responsible to the areas where we operate.

“Dear Valued stake holders

It with great pleasure to be leading Farage holding as the chief executive officer as we continue to  navigate through an ever-changing business landscape.

Our top priority is delivering vale to our customers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services and we are committed to fostering a culture of learning and development and will continue to support our employees as they grow and advance in their careers.

We are also aware of the importance of being socially and environmentally responsible. We are taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment and be a positive force in the communities where we operate.

I am confident that with our collective efforts, we will continue to achieve success and to create value for all our stakeholders.

Thank you for your support and continued trust in Farage holding,


Michael Farage

─ Aredoo Publishing Corporation

─ Farage Printing Industries

─ Passyunk Avenue

─ Farage Development Corporation

─ Elite Properties

─ Agility Nurseries